Karen Jones

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Karen teaching "clustering" at a Barnes & Noble workshop.

I am available for day or weekend seminars. Classes are usually two hours and involve student participation. I can teach two seminars per day. The fee for this depends on the size, location and intent (a service offered to writing clubs or a for-profit structure.)

I teach subjects such as revision, dialogue, scenes and pacing, creating characters, setting, developing a first draft, creativity, living the writing life, and the business of publishing.

Sample seminars:

Finding the Book Within
This 2 hour workshop will teach you ways to liberate your creative flow and
find those illusive stories, organize your ideas, chart a reasonable path
for actually sitting down and writing, and build the discipline required to
write your book. This seminar will help you form intent and create a personal structure.

Mythic Structure for Writers: The Craft of Plotting
Unlock the secrets of the design and principles that govern the structure of
storytelling. Based on the studies of Joseph Campbell, this session will
teach you the critical ingredients of a successful story and help you look
at your past work with a fresh perspective. Program involves lecture and
hands-on writing exercises.

Mythic Structure for Writers: Developing Compelling Characters
Discover the techniques for constructing characters who reach inside where
readers live. Based on the studies of Joseph Campbell, you will learn the
different types of characters, their defining traits, and how to incorporate
their development into your plot. This workshop includes lecture and
hands-on writing exercises.

After the First Draft
This seminar answers the question I've completed my first draft but what do I do now?
The seminar will focus on user-friendly editing methods and effective troubleshooting techniques for story structure, plot organization, language, dialogue, scene, setting and character.

Make Your Book Sell Like Crazy!
This seminar explores creative marketing strategies, including pitching to television, radio and print, making your own press kit, setting up alternative book signings and more.

Selected Works

Nonfiction, How-To
A non-threatening, slightly humorous, step-by-step guide to the practical side of death (breathe deeply and remain serene.)
Historical Fiction
In the Scottish Highlands of 1314, huntress Rowan believes she is a child of the forest, never knowing hidden past secrets hidden.
Fate thrusts a vulnerable young woman between an evil duke and a handsome withdrawn king.
A practical step-by-step introduction to the fundamentals of book promotion emphasizing creative strategies for commercial success.