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Up the Bestseller Lists! A Hands-On Guide to Successful Book Promotion

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Up the Bestseller Lists!: A Hands-On Guide to Successful Book Promotion is an enthusiastic, upbeat, and information-packed primer for any aspiring author looking to earn a niche on the coveted bestseller lists. Chapters cover everything from getting your book into the bookstore, cyberspace publicity, self-promotion, book signings, print media, contract negotiations, and much, much more. A superbly presented, down-to-earth, "user friendly", basic reference easily accessible to the lay reader, Up the Bestseller Lists! is a "must" for anyone looking to turn a profit on the words they have labored so long and hard to get published.

Excerpt from Up the Bestseller Lists!
Conclusion of Chapter Seven: The Media Points To Remember
•Choose the local TV/​radio market with the best ADI.
•Choose the local TV/​radio station with the best ratings.
•Choose the local TV/​radio show that fits your book.
•Local cable stations will often give you plenty of airtime.
•Press kits are your best approach to television.
•Phone calls are your best approach to radio.
•For local TV the key is local hooks and visuals.
•For local radio the key is local hooks and gimmicks.
•Make it easy on the TV reporter, fun for the radio host.
•Watch/​listen to TV/​radio shows before you go on the air.
•You can interview on radio in different cities on the same day.
•Use local TV contacts to network to the national TV level.
•National radio can be as powerful as national television.
•Use national hooks for network/​cable talk shows and national radio.
•Your chances of getting print reviews or feature articles in your local area are good.
•Any national print review, even a bad one, is better than no review.
•The national reviewer should receive a copy of your book 3-4 months before it is published.
•Articles in national magazines and large circulation newspapers provide a powerful way to promote your book.
•Publishing excerpts from your book is an excellent way to get your book in front of potential readers.
•Investigate opportunities to write articles on the same or similar subject as your book.
•Non-fiction writers can develop interesting "spins" on their topics.
•Fiction writers can translate plot lines, characters or settings into interesting articles.
•Offer an article to magazines or newspapers for free being sure the information on your and your book is included in the tag.

Up the Bestseller Lists! Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Books in America
The Four "P"s
Points to Remember

Chapter 2: Product and Price
The Title
The Cover
Points to Remember

Chapter 3: Place
Getting Your Book into the Bookstore
Getting Your Book Noticed in the Store
Getting Your Book Noticed in Other Locations
Getting Your Book Noticed in Cyberspace
Points to Remember

Chapter 4: Promotion
Getting Organized
Getting the Word Out
Public Speaking
Self-Promotion: An Example
Points to Remember
Points to Remember

Chapter 5: The Book Signing
Before the Book Signing
The Day of the Book Signing
Alternative Book Signings
Points to Remember

Chapter 6: The Book Tour
Reality Based Options
Points to Remember

Chapter 7: The Media
Television: Local Markets
Television: National Markets
Radio: Local Markets
Radio: National Markets
Print Media
Points to Remember

Chapter 8: Selling Rights
Subsidiary Rights
Selling Rights
Contract Negotiations
Points to Remember

Epilogue: Taking the Long View
Appendix A: Karen Jones
Appendix B: Kathleen Brehony

Inside The Cover Book Reviews
by Amy Brozio-Andrews
With a clear, concise writing style, Kathleen Brehony and Karen Jones have written an enjoyable and extraordinarily helpful book that will provide honest, "been there, done that" advice to published and non-published authors alike. In addition to well-developed chapters devoted to specific topics like "Product and Price" and "The Book Tour," the authors include a special "Points to Remember" section at the end of each chapter to wrap up and reiterate the important tips. In addition to reinforcing the highlights of the preceding chapter, this format also allows for ready reference so that writers can find the information they need quickly and easily.

Brehony and Jones have delved thoroughly into important topics like selling rights, placing your book in independent and chain bookstores, target marketing and publicity. Small budget and low cost, do-it-yourself promotional options are also discussed, so that all writers can take a proactive part in minting their own literary success. By illustrating their points with personal anecdotes, the reader really feels like Brehony and Jones are like friends in the publishing industry, showing the newbie the dos and don’ts of self-promotion. Their tone is friendly and professional, and their sense of humor shines through and makes Up the Bestseller Lists! an enjoyable as well as educational read.

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