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Kingdom of Hearts

Outraged, King Stefan lunged at Catherine but the chair was in the way. She backed up several feet and stood poised, ready to run.
Pulling himself upright, Stefan tried to regain control of his temper. He failed. "Servant’s gossip. But then after all, what else should I expect?"
Catherine stiffened, her face turning pale. Seeing this, Stefan reached out as if he could yank back his words. Catherine seeing the hand, retreated another step. The room became silent.
The King cleared his throat. "Catherine"
Catherine closed her eyes and turned her back to him. Quietly she began to walk to the door.
"Catherine you will not leave."
She paused briefly, then resumed her pace.
"Catherine." This time he spoke loudly, with command.
Catherine put her hand on the doorknob. She pulled the door open, walked through and softly closed it behind her.

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What they are saying about Kingdom of Hearts!
"It sizzles...Karen Jones you are so wicked. She’s a pretty good storyteller, a gift with which the Jones family is blessed."
--Larry Bonko, The Virginian Pilot

She finds inspiration everywhere she looks, including in an old painting hanging by her stereo. "Look at that" she said, gazing into painted waves being plowed by a ship. "There’s a woman on that ship. She’s the captain." She smiled and said. "That’s a novel."
--John-Henry Doucette, excerpt from Portfolio Magazine

"Congratulations! This book is a page-turner, exciting and definitely cannot be placed aside to be read bit by bit. You have a winner and I hope you are already planning additional books."
--S. Miller, Hampton, VA

"I read your book. It was delightful! I especially loved Catherine and her plight and the King’s valet, Robert. Once I began, it was hard to put down. I hope you are writing another one."
--B. L. Smith, Norfolk, VA

"I must let you know that your book has a special place on my bookshelf along with Kathleen Woodwiss. I must tell you I enjoyed your book very much and hope you continue to write another."
--Mary R., Suffolk, VA

"Catherine and your portrayal of the other characters come through just great! Catherine’s personality reminds me of you as we see you on the TV!"
--Sharon O., Va. Beach, VA

"Thank you so much for Kingdom of Hearts. I made the mistake of picking up your book to read myself to sleep as I usually do. At 6:30 AM I finished the book & vowed to never again think one of your romance books could lull me to sleep. I got so involved in all the characters, completely entering their world. I found myself absorbed with the story, wanting it to resolve yet not, & at the same time imagining you as you built the story, plotting out the characters & the interaction. Purposely making the suspense such that you knew the reader wouldn't be able to put it down. I am totally in awe of your skill. I hope I have learned enough to make my books somewhat as interesting."
--H. Y., Daytona FL.

Kingdom of Hearts--At a Glance
With a simple twist of fate, a vulnerable young woman is unwillingly thrust into a struggle for power, caught between an evil destructive duke and a handsome but withdrawn king. From the harsh palace kitchens to the glittering bedchambers above, beautiful Catherine fights for survival amid danger and intrigue.

Brooding King Stefan keeps to his rooms, held captive by tortured memories while Richard, Duke of Egravia, spins a web of betrayal and deceit. Plotting to steal the throne, Richard gains control over the weak young prince and seduces Marie, the Prince’s wife.

When Catherine bursts onto the scene, the Duke’s plot unravels. Horrified, Richard watches as the King, awakened to life by Catherine, regains his power. Frantically, Richard lures Marie into his plot to kill Stefan and implicate Catherine. With the King alive but severely injured and Catherine locked in the dungeon awaiting death, questions arise: why did Catherine’s mother kill herself so long ago; what secret sorrow tortures the King; what it the tie between Richard and Princess Marie?

As Catherine struggles for her life and King Stefan confronts his memories, the Prince draws upon his inner strength and the wisdom of an ancient duke to save the throne.

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